A brief introduction…

We have began our journey to escape the rat race!

We live in our inherited smallholding with our 2 dogs and 4 cats (aka the Holding Huskies & Chateaux Cats) in Ayrshire, Scotland.
The house and grounds require extensive refurbishment and renovations. We have began the internal works, with opening up the old fireplaces in 2 rooms (previously bricked up) and tackling the damp issues in the bedrooms.

Overall the house will eventually undergo a change of layout to be more practical and functional.

When not working “the 9 to 5″ we spend our limited free time securing the garden area and creating a workable space for growing and rearing livestock. Some of the land is currently unuseable as it will require cultivation and landscaping.

The agricultural buildings including the barn also require restoration and reinstatement.

We aim to create a self-sufficient smallholding within the next couple of years, with plans for an apiary & a chicken coop in the very near future.

Follow us on our journey to a sustainable lifestyle and ” the good life”!

Graeme & Aimee

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